About Us 

Welcome to vTag!

We’re all about being transparent with our users and we’re really proud of what we do, so if you want to get to know us then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find out a bit more about us, where we’re going, and where we’ve been.


About vTime

vTime is an immersive engagement company based in Liverpool. We use innovative technology to create fun and human experiences that bring people together in a creative way. 

We knew from day one that we wanted to be in the business of connecting people, and that our goal should be to use the latest technology, emerging realities and our gaming know-how (more on that later) to help our users to be more sociable no matter where they are... and so vTime was born.

Our Team

vTime was founded by successful tech entrepreneur, Martin Kenwright, and we bring together both local and international talent from the global games industry. From code and art to marketing and legal, our team is dedicated to bringing our vision of connecting people to life. 

With Martin at the helm and a team of gaming heavyweights, social-first minds, and young industry specialists behind him, we’re working towards the future of wearable technology.


About vTime XR 

Back in 2015, we created vTime XR: the world’s first cross-reality sociable VR network, in which users can create an avatar and chat with up to three friends in amazing virtual destinations. We started connecting people from all over the world, gained a loyal user base with over one million downloads, and vTime XR soon became a place where real friendships were born. 


About vTag

vTag is the next step on our journey in connecting people through new and immersive realities. Where vTime XR takes our users away to immersive destinations, vTag brings immersive media into their world through augmented reality. 

vTag lets our users create 3D avatar moments that live in the real world. Using our powerful customisation tools, users can create an avatar, record a message using their own voice and facial expressions, and send that message to friends to view in the real world or use it to level up their social. 


About the Future

Our products have been created with the future in mind, and we believe that as we move into a new era of technology, there will be more and more crossover between the real world and new, immersive realities. When that happens, we’ll be ready to bring our fun and creative products to this new stage in consumer technology. 

Our tech is designed to bring people together, and we encourage our community to use it to build real, human connections. We believe that by empowering our users to be creative, be themselves, and be sociable through vTag, they are making their mark on this new, immersive future. 


What We Stand For

We want our technology to be used for social good. Not only do we want to bring people together in a creative way, we also want to create a culture of inclusivity. As a part of our community, you should feel safe in our new reality –  celebrating your individuality, empowering you to be yourself unapologetically, and expressing your views and opinions in a comfortable and creative space. 


Want to get involved?

We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always open to hearing new ideas, get in touch and we’ll make sure to get back to you!


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